Platinum Jubilee Lunch

18th November, 2017 Dear fellow Columbans, In my previous message of 19th October 2017, I had mentioned that the Old Columbans Association (OCA) was planning to celebrate, in December of this year, the Platinum Jubilee of our Alma Mater.. I am delighted to inform...


Election Of The New Executive Committee Of The OCA (2017-19)

Arun Khanna 1969 (President) – Download Karan Khanna 1976 (Hony. Secretary) – Download Sumant Chadha 1980 (Treasurer) – Download Parvinder Singh Kohli 1968 (EC Member) – Download Navnit Talwar 1969 (EC Member) – Download Sunil Gupta 1972 (EC Member) – Download Bennet Aloysius Pinto...

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