Message From The President

Dear fellow Columban,

At the outset, please accept my warm greetings and wishes for a joyous Diwali. May the coming year bring your families and you happiness, prosperity and good health.

As you are aware, a new Executive Committee is now in place to take the Old Columbans Association forward. Before setting out before you our aims and goals for the future and the path we intend to take, I wish to thank the previous Executive Committee under the leadership of Dalip Mehra for its efforts in carrying forward the mantle of our organization.

The primary objectives of our Association include inter alia:

Promote fellowship, fraternity, friendship and understanding amongst ex-students of St. Columba’s School and between ex-students and the School,

Undertake activities for the growth, welfare and prosperity of the School and its staff, students and employees, and

Organize, facilitate or sponsor talks, lectures, demonstrations, seminars, symposia, workshops, colloquia, get-together and assemblies on subjects of interest and relevance to the School or its students, ex-students, staff or employees.

It is with these above-stated noble aims in mind that we intend to set the working agenda of the new Executive Committee for its current term. We shall work in tandem with the School, under the able guidance of Principal Bro. Miranda, our colleagues at Old Columban’s Trust and other groups that are so committedly working for the benefit of our alma mater and its members.

You will be pleased to know that our various sub-committees have already embarked on their respective plans of action towards attaining our objectives. While we have started work to ascertain the immediate financial and other needs of the School as outlined by Bro. Miranda, our teams are also firming up plans to considerably enhance the social, information and communication aspects of the Association. We are also planning to celebrate in mid-December the glorious seventy-five years of the School’s existence and look forward to your participation. Details of the Platinum Jubilee event shall be available shortly.

I take this opportunity to appeal to all Columbans to join us in promoting the Old Columban’s Association and attain its objectives for our common interests. A substantial number of ex-students are not yet members of the OCA. As a first step, it is the responsibility of all members to ensure that all Columbans join our organization. In addition, your active participation in the OCA’s activities will considerably enhance the OCA’s functioning, capability and status. You shall also soon see an improved and inter-active website and other social-media platforms. It is my earnest hope that all Columbans will take full advantage of these sites and equally contribute to their success.

Once again, Seasons Greeting to all fellow Columbans. Let us come together to make our wonderful school even greater, extend our help to the less privileged students, enable needy ex-students achieve success in life and get to know each other better.

Warm regards,

Arun Khanna

Batch of 1969