1. Office :
    • The Office of the Association shall be situated in the Union Territory of Delhi and is at present located at:
    • St. Columba’s School
    • Ashoka Place
    • New Delhi-110001
  2. Status of the Society :
    • Old Columban’s Association, is a Society, Registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act (No. XXI of 1860) as amended and extended to the Union Territory of Delhi and as such shall be a juristic person having perpetual succession and a seat.
  3. Definitions :
    • In the interpretation of Rules and Regulations the singular shall include the plural, the masculine gender shall embrace the feminine gender and vice-versa, any fraction be shall be rounded off to the next whole number and:
      1. “The Association” means the Old Columban’s Association or, OCA.
      2. “The Committee” means the Executive Committee of the Association.
      3. “Funds mean all investments, funds and property moveable and immovable, belonging to the Association and vested and held by the Executive Committee.
      4. “The General Body” means the members of the Association (except institutional members), assembled as a body.
      5. “Governing Body” means the Governing Body which under the Memorandum of Association and these Rules is constituted to be the Governing Body of Old Columban’s Association and is referred to as the Executive committee.
      6. A “member” means a person belonging to any category of membership unless the latter is specified or unless the context other wise indicates.
      7. “Prescribed” means prescribed by these Rules.
      8. “The President” means the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
      9. “Rules” means the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
      10. “the Secretary” means the Secretary of the Association.
      11. “The Society” means the Old Columban’s Association.
      12. “the Treasurer” means the Treasurer of the Association.
      13. “Year” means the period commencing from the first of April and ending on the thirty-first of March.
  4. Membership of the Association :
      1. Categories: The membership of the Association shall be divided into the following classes:
        1. (A) Ordinary Members
        2. (B) Life Members
      2. Eligibility
      3. No one shall be eligible for membership of classes (a) or (b), unless he has been a student f the School for an aggregate period of six years or more, OR having studied for three consecutive years in Classes X, XI and XII, has taken the Class XII School Leaving Examination. 5.2.2 Subject to Rule 5.2.1 above, an applicant may be admitted as a number or as a life member of the Association in the prescribed form and upon payment of the requisite Subscription. 5.2.3 Subject to Rule 5.2.1 above, and subject to the consent of the person concerned, the Executive Committee may confer Honorary membership of the Association upon an person if it is of the opinion that such person has, by outstanding achievements any field of human endeavour, upheld or added luster to the traditions of the School and the values and principles it optimizes. The Committee may also designate one or more of its Honorary members Patrons of the Association.